Collaborative Research Study

A collaborative research project is a study outside of the core SageSTEP study that takes place on or in relation to one or more of the SageSTEP study plots. We welcome proposals for non-invasive research on aspects of sagebrush ecosystems that are not covered in the SageSTEP proposal.

List of Current and Past Projects

The following projects have been approved and are currently taking place or completed. Click on the project title for more information.

Field of Study Project Title Researcher(s)
Seed Pools, Vegetation The Relationships Between the Seed Bank and Above-ground Vegetation in the Context of Restoration Kristen Pekas and Gene Schupp
Seed Pools, Vegetation Viable Seedbank Composition Under a Gradient of Western Juniper Cover Corinne Duncan and others
Seed Pools, Vegetation Seed Pool Response to Juniper/Pinyon Encroachment and Fire Kert Young and Bruce Roundy
Seed Pools, Vegetation Seed longevity of sagebrush subspecies related to burial depth Upekala Wijayratne and Dave Pyke
Seed Pools, Vegetation, Wildlife Restoring Cheatgrass-Degraded Sagebrush Steppe Systems: the Interaction of Ant Foraging Behavior, Seed Pools, and Restoration Management Initiatives Scott Newbold and others
Wildlife An evaluation of ecological restoration treatments on small mammal communities Steven Ostoja
Soil Crusts, Vegetation The effects of fire on biological soil crusts and their subsequent recovery in pinyon-juniper Steven Warren, Larry St. Clair, Jeff Johansen, Paul Kugrens
Soil Crusts Biological soil crust association with post-disturbance vegetation response Mark Brunson, Hilary Whitcomb, Jeff Burnham, Eugene Schupp
Vegetation, Soils Mechanisms for species success following juniper mastication Kert Young and Bruce Roundy
Grazing, Vegetation Drivers of Plant Community Dynamics in Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystems: Cattle Grazing, Heat and Water Stress Michael Reisner and others
Soils, Hydrology, Vegetation Soil and hydrologic response to mastication of juniper woodlands Nathan Cline and others
GIS Finding the Most Similar Landscape: Automated Control Site Selection Using GIS Thomas Dilts and Peter Weisberg
GIS Applying remote sensing (RS) and geographic information system (GIS) technology to estimate tree density and cover of pinyon-juniper woodlands April Hulet and others
Fungi, Vegetation Mycorrhizae in Sagebrush Restoration: Mycorrhizal Dependency of Invasive and Native Grasses with Intraspecific and Interspecific Competition Dara Scherpenisse and Gene Schupp
Pollination, Vegetation Reproductive biologies and pollinators of common Great Basin restoration forbs, and consequences of fire for bee and forb reproduction Jim Cane

Are you interested in conducting a study using one or more of our plots?

We welcome proposals for non-invasive research on aspects of sagebrush ecosystems that are not covered in the SageSTEP proposal (e.g. herpetology, bryology, mycology, etc.).

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please fill out our Collaborative Project Form below. Information that you provide on this form will be used by the SageSTEP research team and our primary land management partners to evaluate your proposal for a collaborative project.

All collaborators should read the SageSTEP Data Sharing and Publication Guidelines for information on processes for acknowledgement and publication.

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