Greenville Bench

Greenville Bench Site

Location: Beaver County, near Greenville (~5 miles) and Beaver (~25 miles), UT
Land Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management Cedar City Field Office
SageSTEP Site Manager: Maggie Gray
Plots: Four 50-acre core plots (Control, Burn, Mechanical, Bull Hog™)
Elevation: 5800-6100 ft
Topography: 2-28% slopes, N aspect
Common Vegetation: Utah Juniper, Wyoming big sagebrush, Douglas rabbitbrush, bluebunch wheatgrass, needle-and-thread grass, galleta, Indian ricegrass
Soils: Very gravelly to cobbly sandy loam
Fire Regime: Historically ranging from 20 to >100 years. Woodland invasion suggests that the majority of these communities have not burned since the late 1800’s. As woodlands gain dominance, the fire regime shifts to infrequent, high-intensity fires.
Representative Land Base: Several million acres in western UT, northeastern NV, and southern ID
Grazing: No grazing anticipated and so this site has remained unfenced.
Treatments Implemented: Fall 2007. For more information about treatments, click here.

Updated 2009


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