Walker Butte

Walker Butte Site

Location: Lake County, ~ 25 miles from Christmas Valley, OR
Land Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management Lakeview Resource Area
SageSTEP Site Manager: Scott Shaff
Plots: Three 45-acre core plots (Control, Burn, Mechanical)
Elevation: 4500-4700 ft
Topography: 3% slope and ESE aspect
Common Vegetation: Western Juniper, mountain big sagebrush, Idaho fescue
Soils: Loam Frigid Typic Haploxeroll derived from basalt, 60-90 cm deep
Fire Regime: Historically frequent to moderately frequent (10-70 years), low intensity to mixed severity fires. Woodland invasion suggests that the majority of these communities have not burned since the late 1800’s. As woodlands gain dominance, the fire regime shifts to infrequent, high-intensity fires.
Representative Land Base: Several million acres in eastern OR, northeastern CA, southwestern ID, and northwestern NV.
Grazing: Plots are located within active grazing allottment and will be fenced for duration of the study.
Treatments Implemented: Fall 2006. For more information about treatments, click here.

Updated 2009


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Beth Newingham
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