Prescribed and controlled burns can be useful land management tools; however, there are many risks associated with fire. The following resources provide an entry point into the national laws, rules, regulations and planning tools that provide institutional constraints and guidelines for the use of fire as a land management tool.

BLM Fire and Aviation
The BLM Fire and Aviation site provides links to resources on Fire Planning, Fuels Management, Training and more.

Fire Program Analysis (FPA) System
The goal of the FPA System is “to provide managers with a common interagency process for fire management planning and budgeting.”  The website targets the five federal land management agencies but is also intended to encourage the participation of “nonfederal wildland fire partners.” Extensive resources for data management, fire planning and budgeting can be found here.

Forests and Rangelands
This webpage is the result of a cooperative effort between the US Departments of Agriculture and the Interior to provide information on the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy and related initiatives to government officials, land and fire management professionals, businesses, and communities. The website contains information on the development of a national Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy as well as resources for creating fire adapted communities and managing fire and fuels in key wildland-urban interface areas.

Forests and Rangelands Policies and Guidelines This page provides links to an extensive list of Policies, Guides, and Memoranda of Understanding relevant to wildland fire and fuels management.

National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
NIFC was created to implement the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy and has physical facilities in Boise, ID housing the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC), and the National Multi-Agency Coordination group (NMAC or MAC).  Although the center now provides support in response to other emergencies, its main focus is the coordination of interagency wildland fire resources across the United States.  The website provides extensive information on how wildland fire is managed with up to date news and incident reports as well as providing many links regarding fire policy, prevention/education, training/qualification and fire programs.  A few of the more relevant links from this site are highlighted below.

NIFC Policies
This page provides links to the 1995 Fire Policy, resources on Fire Planning and Implementation, as well as Interagency Guides, Records Management tools, and Reference Materials.

Redbook:  Interagency Standards for Fire and Aviation Operations
The redbook is revised annually and distributed to the federal wildland fire fighting agencies to provide guidelines for interagency wildland fire management.  The book includes an overview of foundational policies and information specific to each of the relevant federal agencies, as well as guidelines for fire management planning and response, the use of suppression chemicals, fuels management, and more.

Interagency Prescribed Fire: Planning and Implementation Procedures Guide
The Interagency Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation Procedures Guide(2008) provides standardized procedures, specifically associated with the planning and implementation of prescribed fire on public lands.

Guidance for Implementation of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy February 2009
This document provides clarification of the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy, emphasizing the importance of interagency cooperation and dialogue especially in managing wildland-urban interface areas and considering long term benefits in wildland fire analysis.

National Interagency Fuels Management
The NIFC fuels management page provides detailed information on the planning, implementation and monitoring of preventative fuels treatments.  Although less information is provided on treatments other than prescribed and wild fire, mechanical, biological and chemical treatments are also included here.

National Park Service Fire and Aviation Management
This page provides links to the Park Service wildland fire policy manual (Reference Manual #18) as well as information on fire fatality investigations, a fire monitoring handbook, and more.

NPS Fire Managers’ Toolbox
The NPS fire toolbox provides an extensive list of web links relevant to wildland fire under headings that include: Current Wildland Fire Information, Fuels, Operations, Forms and Templates, Reference Documents and more.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Policy Directives
The National Wildfire Coordinating Group website provides access to a compilation of documents related to the management of fire by federal agencies, including but not limited to, general fire information, interagency policy guidance, interagency prescribed fire planning, wildland fire use implementation guides, agency fire management manuals, policy reports, and policy implementation guidance.

NWCG Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed and Wildland Fires
This document provides guidelines for managing smoke from prescribed and wildland fires, including a detailed section on regulations at both the national and state levels.

US Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management
This website provides links to information on contracting for wildland fire related services, fire management, fire science, fire use, and publications including aviation handbooks and guides, forest service directives and more.

US Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management Doctrine
Fire and Aviation Management Doctrine is the body of principles that sets the ethical standard for the operation of this federal entity. General information relevant to how the Forest Service wildland fire crews operate is available here.

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