When considering implementation of vegetation treatments, there are a host of political, economic, social and ecological factors to take into account as well as a variety of legal and institutional rules and regulations to navigate. This online guide is intended to provide a starting point for exploring the legal and institutional constraints relevant to public and private land managers working in the Great Basin.

Organized first into national resources and then state resources (including the Great Basin states of Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Oregon and the neighboring state of Washington) this guide focuses on common vegetation treatments such as prescribed burning, mechanical removal of vegetation, and the application of herbicides, as well as one of the most common land uses in the region—grazing.  Additionally, information relevant to the Endangered Species Act is included in the National section and a General Land Management section provides additional resources not specific to the other categories. 

These resources are intended to provide an introduction to the legal, institutional, and ecological factors relevant to the successful implementation of land management treatments and are not intended to be all-inclusive. Additional information may be acquired with the assistance of natural resource professionals in your area.

Section 1 National Resources

Herbicides and Pesticides
Mechanical Treatments
Sensitive Species
General Land Management

Section 2 State Resources