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Stansbury Site

Location: Tooele County, UT, east of Skull Valley Road ~35 miles from Grantsville, UT
Land Management Agency: USDA Forest Service, Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Salt Lake Ranger District
SageSTEP Site Manager: Maggie Gray
Plots: Four 12.5-acre core plots (Control, Burn, Mechanical, Bull Hog™)
Elevation: 5600-6000 ft
Topography: 8-30% slopes, primarily W aspect
Common Vegetation: Utah Juniper, mountain big sagebrush, antelope bitterbrush, bluebunch wheatgrass, Sandberg bluegrass
Soils: Very gravelly loam

Fire Regime:
Historically ranging from 20 to >100 years. Woodland invasion suggests that the majority of these communities have not burned since the late 1800s. As woodlands gain dominance, the fire regime shifts to infrequent, high-intensity fires.
Representative Land Base: Several million acres in western UT, northeastern NV, and southern ID
Grazing: Grazing does not occur on this site.
Treatments Implemented: Fall 2007. For more information about treatments, click here.
Additional Information:

In August 2009 the Big Pole wildfire burned through the Stansbury site. Data collection will continue at the site and will be modified to evaluate impacts of the fire. Click here for more photos.

Burned Stansbury Site with weather stations.
SageSTEP dataloggers, used to collect soil moisture and temperature information, located in the tree mastication plot. Surprisingly, the dataloggers in the prescribed burn plot survived the wildfire and are operational, possibly due to the decrease in fuel load that resulted from the prescribed burn conducted in 2007.

Click here to download the Stansbury Site Fact Sheet (PDF, 326KB).

SageSTEP Stansbury Site Map.