Study Site Locations

Blue Mountain

Bridge Creek


Devine Ridge

Five Creeks

Greenville Bench

Hart Mountain

Marking Corral

Moses Coulee




Saddle Mountain


Seven Mile

South Ruby Mountain

Spruce Mountain


Walker Butte

Seven Mile Site

Location: Eureka and Nye Counties, ~40 miles from Eureka, NV
Land Management Agency: USDA Forest Service, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Austin-Tonopah Ranger District (burn and control plots); Bureau of Land Management, Battle Mountain District Field Office (mechanical plot)
SageSTEP Site Manager: Neil Frakes
Plots: Three 40-acre core plots (Control, Burn, Mechanical); two 1050-acre extensive plots (Control and Burn)
Elevation: 7200-7900 ft
Topography: 6-15% slopes and varying aspect
Common Vegetation: Utah juniper, singleleaf pinyon pine, Wyoming big sagebrush, green rabbitbrush, bluebunch wheatgrass, Sandberg bluegrass, Indian ricegrass, needleandthread, Nevada needlegrass, long-leaf phlox, mat buckwheat, cushion buckwheat
Soils: Loamy-skeletal, loamy, and clayey-skeletal, mixed, frigid
Fire Regime: Historical fire return interval of 30-40 years. Woodland invasion and canopy closure have significantly increased the risk of less frequent, catastrophic fire in these communities.
Representative Land Base: Vast acreages in both the High Central and High Calcareous Provinces
Grazing: Part of the study plot is located on an active grazing allotment, and will be fenced for the duration of the study to exclude livestock.
Treatments Implemented: Fall 2007 except for extensive plots, which are planned for fall 2008. For more information about treatments, click here.

Click here to download the Seven Mile Site Fact Sheet (PDF, 361KB).

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