Collaborative Research Projects

Collaborative Research Project Opportunities


Collaborative Project Form (Word doc, 35KB)

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Opportunities for Additional Studies

Are you interested in conducting a study using one or more of our plots? We welcome proposals for non-invasive research on aspects of sagebrush ecosystems that are not covered in the SageSTEP proposal (e.g. herpetology, bryology, mycology, etc.).

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please fill out our Collaborative Project Form and send it to Jim McIver, the SageSTEP Project Coordinator, or another member of the SageSTEP research team. Information that you provide on this form will be used by the SageSTEP research team and our primary land management partners to evaluate your proposal for a collaborative project.

All collaborators should read the SageSTEP Data Sharing and Publication Guidelines for information on processes for acknowledgement and publication.