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Woodland Mechanical Treatments


The chainsaw treatment involves cutting all trees larger than .5m and leaving them where they fall. Limbs were not severed from the trunk after being cut.

sawyer cutting down juniper tree
chainsaw cut with prescribed fire in background
A sawyer cuts a Utah juniper tree at the Onaqui woodland site.

Foreground: cut juniper trees; background: Onaqui woodland prescribed burn plot.

Tree Mastication

The Bull Hog™ treatment has been implemented at SageSTEP study sites in Utah only. All trees within mastication plots were mulched and the mulch was left where it fell.

Mulch from bullhog
The Bull Hog™ pushes over and mulches a juniper tree.
Mulch that was left behind by the Bull Hog™.
The Bull Hog™.
Bull Hog™ "teeth".

Chainsaw and mastication treatments (Utah only*) have been implemented at SageSTEP study sites as follows:

Fall 2008: Saddle Mountain, South Ruby Mountains

Fall 2007: Blue Mountain, Devine Ridge, Greenville Bench*, Scipio*, Seven Mile, Stansbury*

Fall 2006: Marking Corral, Onaqui Sage/Woodland*, Bridge Creek, Walker Butte

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