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Mechanical thinning of sagebrush to encourage understory growth is being studied at the SageSTEP sagebrush sites. Sagebrush was mowed to approximately 12-15 inches, while the understory remained primarily in tact.

tractor pulling mower
mowed sagebrush
Tractor pulling the mower at the Onaqui study site.
Sagebrush plant after being mowed with un-mowed plants in the background.


Tebuthiuron (Spike 20P) was applied aerial at all sagebrush study sites to thin the sagebrush and encourage understory growth.

aerial application of tebuthiuron
aerial application of tebuthiuron
Aerial application of the tebuthiuron herbicide at the Moses Coulee study site.

Imazapic (Plateau) pre-emergent herbicide was crossed with the four main treatments (prescribed fire, tebuthiuron, mowing, and control) on half of the sub-plots at all sagebrush study sites to control cheatgrass. This herbicide is applied by hand and the rate depends on the amount of understory growth on the plot.

Spraying Plateau herbicide
Plateau herbicide treatment
Plateau pre-emergent herbicide being sprayed on the Onaqui sagebrush/cheatgrass burn plot.

Mowing and herbicide treatments have been implemented at SageSTEP study sites as follows:

Fall 2008: Hart Mountain - Gray Butte, Moses Coulee, Owyhee, Saddle Mountain

Fall 2007: Hart Mountain - Rock Creek, Roberts

Fall 2006: Onaqui Sage/Cheat

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