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Land Management Treatments

Land management treatments have taken place at the majority of the SageSTEP sites. For more information about individual sites and their locations, see the SageSTEP Network Map. Click on the links below for photos and information about treatments.

Prescribed Fire

woodland prescribed fireThere are prescribed fire plots at all sites in both the Cheatgrass and Woodland Networks. At sites where burns have been implemented, results have varied widely depending on fuels characteristics and weather conditions. Even in cases where fire crews had to return to the site after a burn, all study subplots have been thoroughly burned to facilitate the experiment.

For photos and more information about prescribed fires at SageSTEP sites, click here.



Other Sagebrush Treatments

sagebrush mowingMowing and herbicide applications are part of the treatment regime for all sites in the Cheatgrass Network. Sagebrush is being mowed to a height of approximately 12 inches, and the compound tebuthiuron (Spike 20P) is being applied at a rate of 1-1.5 lbs/acre in the form of pellets dropped aerially to thin sagebrush. Plateau pre-emergent herbicide is sprayed on several subplots (crossed with the four main treatments--prescribed fires, tebuthiuron, mowing, control) to study the potential for cheatgrass control.

For photos and more information about mowing and herbicide treatments, click here.


Other Woodland Treatments

sawyer cutting down juniper treeThe mechanical treatment for all sites in the Woodland Network involves clearcutting all trees taller than 1/2 meter using a chainsaw and leaving them where they fall. An additional mechanical treatment, tree mastication (using a Bull Hog™), will be applied at the Utah woodland sites. This treatment is taking place because it has been of local interest to Utah landowners.

For photos and more information about chainsaw and Bull Hog™ treatments, click here.