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SageSTEP Team Members

SageSTEP Partners

Former Technical Assistance

Brad Jessop (Site Manager, now with BLM in Utah)

Travis Miller (Site Manager, now with BLM in Oregon)

Jeff Burnham (Site Manager, now with WA Dept Fish and Wildlife)

Jaime Ratchford (Site Manager, now with CA Native Plant Society)

Neil Frakes (Site Manager, now with Joshua Tree National Monument)

Lee Davis (Site Manager)

Patrick Kormos (Hydrology Field Crew Leader, now with ARS - Reynolds Res Station)

Steve Hanser (Wildlife, now with USGS, Washington Office)

Matthias Leu (Wildlife, now with William and Mary College)

Mike Wisdom (Wildlife, now with Forest Service PNW Research Station)

Bruce Shindler (Socio-political, now retired)

Neil Rimbey (Economics, now retired)

Tom Harris (Economics, now with UNR)

Michael Taylor (Economics, now with UNR)

Manuela Huso (Statistic, with USGS)

Courtney Loomis (Database Programmer, now retired)

Karen Erickson (Entomology, now with Tacoma Community College)

Euell Macke (Entomology, now a graduate students at University of Oregon)

Paul Blom (Entomology, now with OR Dept of Agriculture)

Summer Olsen (Outreach)

Liz Didier (Outreach)

Andi Stebleton-Bourne (Fuels)

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